Engineering School

As Dean of the AU Engineering School, I sincerely welcome you to our School, which brings together an outstanding community of students, faculty, and staff members. I invite you to look through the web pages of our programs and faculty members to learn more about the wide range of courses we offer and the impressive research by our faculty members.

At the Engineering School, we align curriculum and all academic processes at the level of the world's top universities and pay great attention to their integration with research and development. And we have the necessary experience and knowledge to attain our goals, and what is important, we have highly qualified faculty members who have studied and worked in the best universities and research institutes in the world.

Dr. Ahmedov Bahodir,

Dean of AU Engineering School

B.Sc. in Computer Science

The technology details you learn today may not be the details you will need to know tomorrow. The program offers a comprehensive, structured approach to preparing students for career success and graduate education by combining disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth with supplemental skills education and extra-curricular elements. With this background, students will be prepared to grow along with technology.

B.Sc. in Architechture & Design

Do you want to change the world, and build a city with modern and unique building designs? Then, you should select our Architecture and Design Department. You can conquer world with new ideas and designs.

The Department trains design and planning professionals to address urbanism, housing and construction problems.