Harvard Business School Doctoral Candidate holds a meeting with AU students

AKFA University hosted an online meeting with Botir Kobilov, Doctoral Candidate, Harvard Business School, on 9 December.

The meeting was organized within the new project “Akfa Business School Guest Speaker Series”, which was initiated by AKFA Business School. Dr. Odiljon Abdurazzakov, Dean of AKFA Business School, moderated the event with the topic “Road to Harvard”.

Botir Kobilov, who is a teaching assistant in Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, briefed the participants about his educational background and work experience. He also shared his experience in applying to US and European universities.

During the online meeting, Botir Kobilov answered some questions of the AKFA University students and faculty members. At the end of the meeting, Botir Kobilov selected four participants with the most insightful questions. It is expected that they will have a networking lunch with the Guest Speaker in Spring 2022 when he will arrive in Tashkent.

Botir Kobilov received his bachelor’s degree in Uzbekistan and master’s degree from Duke University. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate in Business Administration at Harvard Business School. He worked at Islamic Development Bank, Commercial Bank Ipak Yoli, and Central Bank of Uzbekistan in various capacities.