Dr Bekhzod Abdullaev takes part in the VodiyCamp

Head of the Department of Scientific Development of AKFA University and member of the UN Youth Advisory Board Dr Bekhzod Abdullaev took part in the VodiyCamp (Leaders Summer Camp), which took place on 20-27 June 2021.

During the week, different trainings and seminars, sessions were organized for 90 selected students who came from Fergana valley (Fergana, Andijan, Namangan).

Participants were divided into 5 groups and for each of them attached one professional trainer and a facilitator in order to keep the communication between participants and trainer.

Dr. Bekhzod Abdullaev was also selected as a trainer for one of the groups and educated them for shaping essential skills of leaders. Participants obtained essential knowledge and shaped their leadership skills by taking part of different training sessions and interactive games.

UNDP and UNODC organized different sessions, for example “Y-Fikr”, “Game of Loyalty” and so on. For the business marathon, Feruz Allaev (owner and founder of Asaxiy-books), Temur Adhamov (founder of Najot Ta’lim), Mukhammadali Eshonkulov (Public speaker, business trainer, mentor of UWED) and Dostonbek Kamilov (blogger in Tik Tok with over 1 mln followers) have visited and given the speech for students. “Zakovat” interactive game, Qlever program, Information Security were organized and students gained invaluable and interesting facts.

Daily training sessions were also organized with interactive team buildings, energizers and programs in order to shape the leadership. On the last day, participants prepared and defended social projects and started to implement those projects to the society. Participants were awarded with Certificates and gifts from UNDP and UNODC (bag for laptop, hat, notebook, T-shirts etc.)

“All students went home full of joy, enthusiasm, motivation and future plans. I hope they will change the world. To change the world always starts from changing ourselves. We could change their mind, they changed themselves, and we are waiting to change the world by their tends. This camp helped me to figure out how essential leadership skills for all of us. Hopefully, next year Akfa University will host of the best this kind of camp” – said Dr. Bekhzod Abdullaev.