AKFA University students receive free Samsung Tabs

AKFA University will provide free tablets for its students to create convenience during their studies, including distance learning, in the “Year of Science, Education and Digital Economy Development”.

AKFA University started its activities in 2019. From the first days, the university has been introducing innovations and the best foreign experience in its activities.

For example, from the 2019-2020 academic year, the University has introduced the Google Classroom platform, which is a product of its partner, Google. From the first days, university teachers post lessons on this platform. Students can review the lesson materials at any convenient time.

Another advantage of this platform is that students can ask the teacher questions about a topic or lesson. In turn, teachers respond to them through the platform. All students who attend this class can follow communication. This interaction allows our students to better master the lessons.

The introduction of the restriction in March in connection with the coronavirus pandemic in the world and in our country, of course, affected the education system.

The introduction of modern technology at our university has helped mitigate some of the inconvenience caused by these restrictions.

During the implementation of this platform, we faced one problem. That is, according to our observations, not all of our students have their own computers, tablets or other electronic devices. In this connection, they could not fully use the capabilities of modern systems.

In the “Year of Science, Education and Digital Economy Development”, AKFA University launched a new project to help our students. Today, on 24 August, on the eve of the new academic year, 152 sophomore students of the university received Samsung tablets.

Soon about 220 freshmen of AKFA University will receive tablets during a special event, which will be attended by the university founders.

The main goal of this project is to create convenience for students in the educational process. Students will now be able to take notes on lessons and send homework to teachers through the platform using their tablets. This will allow the university to further reduce use of paper and reduce environmental damage.