AKFA University starts to accept documents to the new faculty

AKFA University opened a new faculty BS in Accounting and Finance and began accepting documents.

The admission campaign to the Faculty of Accounting and Finance for the 2020-2021 academic year will last until 17 August 2020. Documents will be accepted completely online. The entrance exam will be held on 21 August 2020.

AKFA University plans to accept 100 local students this academic year. At the same time, this year 42 students, who will receive high scores on the entrance exam, will receive discounts from 10% to 100% from the tuition fee.

Applicants interested in admission to the Faculty of Accounting and Finance at AKFA University can apply online through the official website of the university: http://admission.akfauniversity.org/accounts/login/.

When submitting documents, applicants must upload electronic copies of the following documents:

– ID card (passport);

– Certificate of secondary and special education – certificate, diploma;

–  IELTS certificate (minimum 5 points) or its TOEFL equivalent.

Currently, 152 students are studying at the Faculty of Medicine of AKFA University, including 16 international students.