Akfa University conducts entrance exams online

Akfa University will hold online entrance exams on 29 July 2020.

Akfa University held an admissions campaign from April 1 to July 20, 2020. Applicants submitted their documents online through the official website of the university.

During the admissions campaign, 1,269 applicants applied to the Medical School at Akfa University.

The entrance exams to Akfa University will be held on 29 July online using a special software.

Applicants will take exams in three subjects: mathematics, biology and chemistry (20 questions in each subject). The exam lasts 90 minutes.

The special software, which is used during the exams, will ensure the objectivity of the exams. The system has the ability to automatically record violations by applicants if they try to use cheat sheets or get help from third parties.

Immediately after passing the exams, applicants will know their result, which will ensure the transparency of the entrance exams. Before 18:00, applicants have the right to appeal the exam results. After 20:00, the university will publish the final results with a list of accepted applicants.

AKFA University plans to admit 100 students to the Medical School in 2020/2021. At the same time, two students will have the opportunity to study for free. Another 40 students will receive discounts from tuition fee ranging from 10% to 75%.

The educational process at Akfa University is carried out in partnership with leading international research institutes, as well as with Gachon University in South Korea and our compatriots who work abroad.

Education at the university is conducted in English and lasts 6 years (2 years of preparatory medical courses, 4 years of medical courses). Graduates are awarded a diploma of higher education.