AKFA University accepts documents from over 530 applicants to the Department of BS in Accounting and Finance

Over 530 applicants have applied to the new department of BS in Accounting and Finance of AKFA University.

The university accepted documents from applicants for the new department from 4 to 17 August 2020. Applicants could submit their documents online through the official website of the university.

Following the results of the admission campaign, 531 applicants expressed their desire to study at the Department of Accounting and Finance.

The AKFA University entrance exam will take place on 21 August. Applicants will take exams in mathematics.

The exam will be held online. Applicants will take exams using a special software, which will ensure the objectivity of the exams. The system has the ability to automatically record violations by applicants if they try to use cheat sheets or get help from third persons.

The total number of exam questions will be 20. The exam will last 40 minutes. Results will be announced on 21 August.

“AKFA University, in cooperation with foreign universities, plans to expand educational services for citizens of Uzbekistan. The Department of Accounting and Finance is one of the first steps in these directions. Our university plans to open new departments in the near future,” Rector of AKFA University Bekhzod Djalilov said.

AKFA University plans to admit 100 local students to the new department this academic year. At the same time, this year 42 students, who will receive high scores on the entrance exam, will receive discounts from 10% to 100% of the amount of the payment contract.

Education at the university is conducted in English and lasts 4 years. The graduates of the department will receive a diploma of higher education.